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Spotty Giraffe Marketing is a creative marketing consultancy based in Essex, on a mission to help business owners like you to get known, attract more clients and grow your business with authentic branding and marketing. Using clarity in messaging and putting your customers at the heart of your story.

Based near the beautiful bank of the River Crouch in Essex, I set up Spotty Giraffe Marketing to help businesses like yours to grow, with the help of clever marketing strategies.  I’m passionate about authentic branding and marketing, it’s at the core of everything Spotty Giraffe stands for and I want it to be at the core of your business too.  I know that good marketing works, I’ve been doing it a long time and I’ve enjoyed some BIG results from clever marketing campaigns in the businesses I’ve worked for.  

I really like to help people and I realised some time ago that if I created a marketing agency specialising in  marketing, I could help lots of business owners just like you to get seen and grow their business and profits.  I just wasn’t sure how I was going to get my dream off the ground.  They say life has a funny way of throwing things at you and in the end, the dream found me….

A few years ago, I started to get requests from friends and friends of friends for help to do things like build websites for their business or to help improve their engagement on social media.  They all knew what I did for a living and they knew I could help.  As a result, Spotty Giraffe Marketing was born. My children helped me choose the name, it’s a reference to my sons favourite soft toy he had when he was little, we named it ‘Raffy’ and it was his fluffy companion for years.  In fact, he’s still got it somewhere.

At the time things started to take off, I was working as a Marketing Manager for a wonderful local retail business which had many departments (including a large restaurant), whom all also needed my help.  The role was meaty (pardon the pun!), and I’d often be spinning several plates at once – event marketing, social media marketing, planning children’s events, designing POS for merchandising, keeping the website updated, designing graphics, menus, taking photos, PR, customer relations and more besides….If it could be marketed, I did it!  But that was the problem, I loved my job and it took up so much of my time (and available thinking space), plus I was raising a family and renovating a house, so there really wasn’t room for anything else.  I started to worry that I couldn’t fit everything in and make the change from side-hustle to bustle, and so I put Spotty Giraffe to bed, not knowing if or when I would wake it back up……

Eventually I moved jobs, all the while, the niggling notion that I could be creating an amazing marketing resource for businesses never went.

So here we are, a few years later…Older, wiser (mostly) and with a shedload more experience to share with your business, Spotty Giraffe is awake!  Louder, prouder and still as lime green as ever. 

My business exists to help yours.  Authentic marketing is my passion and if you’re reading this, then I’m guessing you’re ready to grow your business?

Let me help you to do just that.

Victoria Griffiths

Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Founder of Spotty Giraffe Marketing

A little bit about me.....

I've been working in marketing for a long time and have a wealth of experience in marketing, web design and social media. My work has been featured on Essex Live, the Londonist, The Essex Chronicle, Essex Life, Heart Essex and more besides. I've grown social media followings from hundreds to thousands, marketed sell-out events several times over and helped lots of businesses to boost their growth and profits through carefully planned marketing campaigns.

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